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  • October 24, 2016

Boarding Services Now Available

*We have new policies currently in effect to ensure the utmost safety and protection for our staff and fur-guests! We are requiring Rabies, Distemper, Canine Influenza and Bordetella Vaccines to be current. If your pet is due or needs any of these vaccinations, please be sure to schedule an appointment 5 days in advance to your boarding date. All animals must under-go a 5 day waiting period after initial vaccinations. Also, a $10 deposit fee will be needed for all scheduled boarding reservations. When you arrive to drop your pet off the day of their stay, the $10 will be automatically credited towards your bill. If cancellation is needed, we do ask for 48 hours notice. If cancelled before 48 hours of reservation date, $10 will still be credited towards your next purchase at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. However, if you cancel less than 48 hours prior to your pet’s stay, you will not receive your deposit back.

At Patterson Veterinary Hospital it is our promise to ensure the highest quality experience and care for your special pet. We offer boarding services for just about any animal that you may have. We promise a safe, comfortable, and fun-filled environment for your furry loved one during his or her stay. We have specialized staff that tends to each and every one of your pet’s needs. When your pet boards with us, everything that your pet could possibly require over the course of his or her stay, and more, are all included in the simple weight-bearing price range. All animals are given outdoor/indoor play (weather-pending) several times each day, snuggle-time, personal one-on-one attention, prescription fed diets from our hospital stock (if your own food cannot be provided or if you don’t wish to bring your home stock), fresh blankets and bedding (again, if you cannot provide your own or don’t wish to bring anything from home), and special healthy treats for your furry friend.  We also administer your pet’s medication for you, which is the only additional service in which we do require a small fee. You can always rest assure that your pet is getting the utmost care and attention from our well-qualified staff, and on-call veterinarian!

We board every single day of the week and every single day of the year. We also board through all major holidays, but we do fill up fast! Due to that fact, we advise you try to schedule your pet’s stay in advance, up to about 1-2 weeks, when boarding around those major times (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc..) However, we do take last minute reservations as well; first come, first serve!

 Pictured below is Miss Brisca, who is one of our medical boarders here at Patterson Veterinary Hospital. Brisca is a very special girl, who requires medical care all throughout the day, and we are always there for her. If you have a pet with special medical needs, Patterson Veterinary Hospital promises to give the utmost care and attention to your loved one. We are lucky enough to always have a veterinarian on staff and specialized staff. So, let us take the worry away from your travel, and have your fur-child stay the night with us! }

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